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Things you didn’t know about Magnolia Butterflies

You may have walked by magnolia butterflies in a garden area before and noted how beautiful they were. Yet most people aren’t familiar with this type of plant or what it entails. This particular plant is a hybrid type of magnolia which is why you may not be familiar with it. The two plants involved are the Magnolia Acuminata and the Magnolia Denudata.

It offers a lovely bright yellow blossom with each one offering 14 to 16 petals. You may have seen yellow magnolias before but never to this same magnitude. The petals are very long and upwards too. Yet they are all freely moving when the gentle breeze moves it. Thus, it gives the appearance of a butterfly gracefully fluttering through the air.

Sometimes they can develop a small red type of fruit. Generally though this won’t appear until it has been growing in the same area for several years. Small birds may come to consume these fruits such as the hummingbird.

These plants give of a very pleasant scent that is mild rather than overpowering. The beauty of them as well as the scent makes them a great type of flower to send to someone. Many florists will be able to fulfill your request for them. If you have them in your own garden you can create lovely centerpieces from them.

If you want to grow your own magnolia butterflies, they can certainly offer you a way to enhance the beauty of your landscaping. They grow very well in full sunlight but they can also grow in an area that has partial shade during the day. The soil they are in needs to be very moist and it also needs to be high in nutrients. If your soil is lacking in that department you can add organic compost to your garden every couple of weeks to help it along.

For the most part these are very simple plants to grow. They don’t require lots of ongoing maintenance which is nice for anyone that doesn’t have tons of time to spend in the garden. They don’t seem to be a type of plant that attracts large amounts of pests either. For the most part they are disease free but you should still remove dead and dying foliage from them as you see it appear.

It seems to do very well in different temperatures too. Magnolia butterflies can stand high heat and well as some dips in the other direction during the night. They can be destroyed by high winds though which is one drawback. They can bloom in late winter and early spring. What is interesting about them is that if the cold weather lingers they seem to be able to wait and then to bloom when it is safe for them to do so.

They can grow to be many feet high but it depends on where you plant them and the conditions. Make sure you start out with high quality seeds for that your Magnolia butterflies will be gorgeous as they start to blossom. Your visitors are going to comment on the delightful plants you have growing. Don’t be surprised if people just walking by happen to ask you about them too!

Right now the Magnolia Butterflies aren’t all that common out there. If you want to offer something that is pretty as well as unique then consider planting them. You can be sure as time goes along these plants will be getting more and more exposure. Then they are going to be very common place. You can’t blame people for wanting to have something so great in their own garden though.



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